Tuck Shop

The Macleans College Tuckshop is located between Hillary House and the 3 Block.

Our School is Going Eat Smart

Our school canteen service provider, Libelle Group, is teaming up with the Heart Foundation Fuelled4life, the Diabetes Projects Trust and BioPak to bring us a Fresh Made approved and eco-friendly packaged menu - Eat Smart.

So what does this mean for us?  Eat Smart has already launched at our school, and will be going live, nationwide by the beginning of Term 1, 2019.  It is a nutritionally balanced, value-for-money school tuckshop menu offered throughout the country!

The Eat Smart menu features balanced meals designed by a team of nutritionists for kiwi school kids, so they have the right fuel to learn!

The message is clear:

Txt My Lunch

Txt My Lunch is the solution to giving parents the guarantee that their hungry learner is getting a healthy, balanced meal - all for just $6.  Use Txt My Lunch to send a lunch directly to a students phone by text!

Save that 20 minutes of your day making lunch and buy or gift a meal ticket today at www.txtmylunch.co.nz