Leadership Camp for 2019 Prefects

Posted on February 22, 2019

On Monday 4 February 58 school prefects and staff left Macleans College for a three day camp in the Hunua Ranges.

The venture consisted of a range of exercises and team-building activities which helped them work together and become better leaders, in preparation for their roles in school. Prior to leaving the school, the prefects went through a public speaking course to improve their confidence and speaking skills.

During the camp, the prefects engaged in numerous activities - the most exciting being the white-water rafting at the Vector Wero Whitewater Park, where they enjoyed working together to push against the rapids. They hiked in the Hunua Ranges, participated in leadership development and showcased their performance skills, by creating a 58 piece drumming orchestra, perfecting the school haka, and performing group skits on the last night. As well as this, the team planned their goals and ideas for the year, and what they aspire to be as prefects.

Overall, the camp was extremely successful. It brought all of the prefects closer together and helped them to focus on a shared vision for this year.

The 2019 School Prefects were presented at a full school assembly on Friday 15 February. They received their school ties with their parents in attendance.

The prefect team look forward to working together with staff and students in 2019.

Follow this link to see the full list of School Prefects for 2019